Pipes and Lighters

IMAGE Only the Best with Rolling Tobacco
There was a time when tobacconists were enjoying the pleasant flavour and taste of pre-packaged cigarettes. The main reason was the fine quality and high standard tobacco. But during the last two decades the pre-packaged cigarettes have begun to lose their attraction due to commercial influence. The substandard tobacco, low class filters, harmful chemicals and adulterants were the main causes of t...
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IMAGE What Makes A Tobacco Pipe?
Those who use pipe tobacco often enough may have become slightly curious to know the ins and outs of their pipe; what parts and materials come together to form their trusty tobacco pipe? Here we will look into some of the more basic information on your favourite tobacco smoking tool. There are three main components to a tobacco pipe; the small chamber in which the pipe tobacco is placed, commonly ...
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IMAGE Owning Zippo Lighters
It is commonly believed that Zippo lighters brought with them a revolution in the lighter industry. Their lifetime guarantees and unique design ensure the brand has remained a firm favourite when purchasing smoking accessories. Their designs range from simple graphics on their side sides to different coloured metals. It is often believed that if one uses a Zippo lighter, that lighter should reflec...
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IMAGE The Story of Zippo Lighters
There isn’t really a necessity for someone to be a smoker to have heard of Zippo lighters. The company was founded by George G. Blaisdell in Pennsylvania during the Great Depression, and the brand has remained a significant emblem of the lighter world ever since. The inspiration for the Zippo lighter came from a far more complex version that could be found in Australia. Blaisdell took the co...
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IMAGE Tasting pipe tobacco
As with many consumables we enjoy, tobacco is something that offers many different tastes and aromas, each unique to their own characteristics.
Much like fine wine, pipe tobacco is something that offers incredible and distinct enjoyment, which you finally enjoy once you bring the lighter to the pipe bowl for a few minutes of pleasure. As with wine, tobacco connoisseurs have come up with a r...
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