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Owning Zippo Lighters

It is commonly believed that Zippo lighters brought with them a revolution in the lighter industry. Their lifetime guarantees and unique design ensure the brand has remained a firm favourite when purchasing smoking accessories. Their designs range from simple graphics on their side sides to different coloured metals. It is often believed that if one uses a Zippo lighter, that lighter should reflect the personality of the user. There is absolutely no doubt that no matter what type of person you are, there is a Zippo lighter to suit you.

 In 1933 George G. Blaisdell produced the first ever iteration of the Zippo lighter we know and love today. He based his design on an Austrian lighter which was of a similar shape and style and took the name from his fondness of the word zipper, as well as his adoration towards the sounds that an actual zipper makes. Since 1933 the Zippo Company has manufactured over 350 million windproof lighters, more or less keeping its original design that everyone knows and loves.

 The name Zippo is not the only famous part of the brand as the lighter has also created a niche within a variety of communities that make use of lighters. The many parts that make up the lighter are all replaceable, meaning that if you grow fond of your particular design or coloured lighter then it doesn’t have to be thrown away if any damage occurs. This also means that your Zippo lighter could quite easily become an heirloom passed down from generation to generation.

 It is renowned that to a lighter user, owning a Zippo is akin to owning a flashy sports car for petrol heads. It does also not differentiate too far from wanting to own the latest mobile phone. Having a Zippo lighter provides the user with a state of pride and perfection. This gives Zippo lighters a substantial lead in the smoking accessory world that will certainly be hard to beat.

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