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What Makes A Tobacco Pipe?

Those who use pipe tobacco often enough may have become slightly curious to know the ins and outs of their pipe; what parts and materials come together to form their trusty tobacco pipe? Here we will look into some of the more basic information on your favourite tobacco smoking tool.

There are three main components to a tobacco pipe; the small chamber in which the pipe tobacco is placed, commonly known as the bowl. The shank; this is the thin stem that the smoke travels up and out through. The bit; this is the mouthpiece of the pipe, where the user will place their lips and pull the smoke through.

Pipes and their accessories are not made entirely from one material as some would believe. The most popular choices in pipe material include the following:

Briar: often the material of choice, despite being a type of wood, briar is naturally heat and fire resistant and also does not absorb moisture. Not absorbing moisture provides longevity for the wood and also for the tobacco taste.

Corncob: this material is a relatively cost effective solution for pipes. However, their cost effective nature does not mean there has been a reduction in quality. Their high standards have made them a firm favourite for those on a budget.

Meerschaum: There is a range of interestingly shaped pipes made from meerschaum, as this material is a mineral that can easily be carved and crafted into various shapes.

Clay: Spending slightly more on a clay pipe can be worthwhile where taste is concerned. A cheaper clay pipe can add a distinctively bad taste, whereas the more expensive clay leaves a pure, undisturbed flavour.

Wood: It may seem contradictory to use wood for something that involves smoke and fire; however, using a mixture of honey and water in the bowl will eventually create a heat resistant barrier.

This information is here to guide you when purchasing your pipe tobacco tool and to obtain a basic knowledge of pipe materials. A reliable tobacconist in your area will be ready to divulge any extra information you may require.

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