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There was a time when tobacconists were enjoying the pleasant flavour and taste of pre-packaged cigarettes. The main reason was the fine quality and high standard tobacco. But during the last two decades the pre-packaged cigarettes have begun to lose their attraction due to commercial influence. The substandard tobacco, low class filters, harmful chemicals and adulterants were the main causes of their falling popularity. As a consequence, many fine rolling tobacco and pipe tobacco have begun to excel in the marketplace with their flavours and aromas that remain as consistent as ever. Today the flavoured tobaccos, such as toasted tobacco, Turkish Blends, Premium Virginias and many other varieties have taken the place of Cigarettes which are loaded with chemicals and nicotine.

Luckily, on other hand, there is a fast growth of the buyers who want something better and of high standard quality. Once they get the taste of premium tobacco, enjoy the aromas of well blended mixes, then a very few of them return back to the chemical based smokes which leave behind the breath and environment reeking. The very interesting fact is that most of them who start creating their own rich, aromatic and fully flavoured smoke automatically reduce the chain smoking and frequent need of cigarettes. Moreover while taking the smoke of fewer cigarettes they feel like stepping away from the list of chemical based and adulterants stuffs.

I would say that fine blends and high quality tobaccos do not carry the stink that commercial cigarettes have. Cigarettes smokers are generally aware of that stink which exists for a long time and lingers for quite some time after, even after the smoker has left the room. One who smokes a pipe, very well remembers the experience of pleasant residual aroma. They are aware that no chewing gum or breath mints will be required after smoking as this was a practice of the past. They will be fully satisfied with the idea of smoking less and enjoying more. In addition they are also comfortable that no complaint of coughing or chest congestion will come up later on.

There are a wide range of pipe tobaccos available in different types of flavours and aromas to meet the choice and taste of the customer. Apart from all this, the pipe tobacco is suitable for different kinds of blends to match different moods and occasions. For example it can be blended as Turkish, English blend of Balkan and sometimes light and full of fragrance. Now the ball is in your court, you have to decide the best and the most suitable one for you as per your taste.

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